Two Rooms and a Boom

PArty game

Sunday – date/time TBD

X players maximum

Sunday night, join us as we try go out with a bang. 2R1B is one part party game, one part whodunnit (er… “who’s gonna do it”?), and one part hidden-identity like Werewolf or Mafia (without all that annoying finger pointing and elimination).

The game itself has simple rules and chaotic results. Depending upon your randomly assigned identity, you’ll either protect your charge, try to take out your your target, or possibly play one side against the other. But can you do it before time runs out? 2R1B plays as a series of short games, each running about 20 minutes.

So, can you figure out who’s on your team without giving away too much information? Can you figure out who’s the target? Can you help your team reach their victory goals? Can you reach your own personal goals? And are you sure that person you just shared information with wasn’t a spy for the other team?

…oh, and how do you feel about a hostage exchange?

Join us, will you? It’ll be a blast.

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