The TCEP 2019 Puzzle Hunt Challenge is a series of puzzles and challenges which are hidden (or semi-hidden) in and around the convention.

The goal of the challenge is to collect and reconstruct the pieces of a website URL which will give you your final instructions.

You will need:

  • A Smart Phone
  • Access to the Play or iTunes store to download APPs
    • Start with a QR Code reader, which you should already have if you’re reading this page
  • Some method to take notes
  • A joy of puzzles
  • A sense of adventure
  • A few hours of free time

Most (but not all) clue locations will have a QR code next to this logo:

Some hints and clues may not be as obvious.

QR codes and signs are the property of Barking Mad and should not be tampered with, altered, moved or removed.
This gives all participants a chance to participate in the event.

When you see something you suspect to be a QR code, read it with your QR code reader to be taken to a web page with further instructions for that puzzle.

Every challenge location will give at least two pieces of information:
1: A piece of the final solution (the CODE)
2: A clue to the next challenge location (NEXT).
Sometimes these pieces of information will be very straightforward.
Other times you’ll need to puzzle it out.

Challenge locations may be discovered and completed in any order if the participant desires, but discovering the correct order of all challenge locations important for the final puzzle.

Each Challenge location’s CODE will be a 4 letter segment of the final URL to browse to.

The final URL will take the form of:… where aaaa, bbbb, cccc, dddd, etc are the 4 character CODEs of each location in the intended order.
All letters in this puzzle challenge are lower case, even if presented in upper case.

Your challenge is to recreate the final URL and enter it into any web browser for final instructions to solve the challenge.

What’s at stake?
Bragging rights and the joy of the chase.
If enough people enter, we’ll see about raiding the prize pool for some awards.

If you are having difficulties with this challenge, please find Brian (who will probably be in the Con Suite) for assistance, be it technical or puzzle hints. He’ll help where he can.

CODE: aaaa (yes, it really is aaaa)
NEXT: You’ll need to be Crafty to figure out where to go.